Sunday, December 01, 2019

the captain

Yesterday was the official start of the 2019 Sea Games and the opening ceremony was awe-inspiring. But the biggest take-away I got from Twitter was ang guapo ni Alvin Patrimonio! People were amazed by the fact that he hasn't aged at all or should we say, he has aged like fine wine. 

He was my first official crush back when I was ten or eleven years old. Until now, he still makes me kilig at the tender age of 43. It's funny how netizens tweeted that Alvin was their father's idol or their mommy's crush and unsurprisingly, he's their crush, too. They even call him daddy or zaddy. Kids these days.

Awww, I just love the man.

Saturday, November 30, 2019

Tuesday, November 26, 2019

astro live

I keep saying this but it still feels so surreal watching my faves on local TV live. It happened again today seeing Astro live on MTV's The Show. My hands were sweaty waiting for them to appear. Even my dad stayed by my side to witness history, so to speak. 

Now, my dad has been teasing me, calling me that Astro's on TV. Even if I know it's not true, I scramble just to go to his room and see his reaction. I love my dad!

Wednesday, November 13, 2019

omedetou, nino!

Nino's married! And I'm completely and sincerely happy for him! But if this happened twelve years ago, I would have cried buckets of tears. 

I suddenly remembered that fateful day back in 2007 when I read about his dating scandal. I got so teary-eyed and heartbroken that a close colleague of mine had to literally drag me out of my cubicle for us to find a quiet place to talk. We ended up in a coffee shop outside our office in Galleria for me to cool down. A slice of chocolate, a cup of caffe mocha and a listening ear from Kat helped heal my crushed heart. Her hug did wonders, too. 

Kat, I hope you can read this right now. I do miss our talks over coffee. Our bonding moments were always with coffee and lots of laughter to go with it. I hope I get to see you soon.

Saturday, November 02, 2019

renewed friendships

Last Wednesday, I finally bought a new phone. With that was the right time to reconnect with old friends through new apps. My phone became a hotspot of Summit friends, F4 pengyous, Korean chingus and Arashi tomodachis that gathered together as if it was one big party. 

Reaffirming friendships energized my body, mind and soul. I just love technology! 

Tuesday, October 29, 2019

kathang isip si dodong

Lee Dong Min is unreal.

Unreal in the sense that he made me like a song of a local band, which I've never liked at all. Dong Min sang Kathang Isip or as he would pronounce it as Kathang Iship and I immediately fell in love with the song. It's all your fault, Cha Eun Woo! 

It's also funny that his fans call him Dodong. I remember back during my 2003 fangirling days, there was a designated Dodong in the group that I liked. I seriously love this term of endearment. Si Dodong talaga! 

I was telling my dad that Korean fangirls literally stalk you everywhere you go. That's why they can't have normal lives. Everything will be scrutinized. Your life will be under a microscope 24/7. My dad suddenly said how will Eun Woo's fans react when they find out that I'm dating him. Haha! He has been indulging me in my fangirl's fantasies. Love you, dad!

INXS: I just found out that Dong Min uses his left foot more but he's right-handed. That's exactly me. I do everything with my left hand and foot but I'm right-handed, too. Cosmic!

Monday, October 28, 2019

radio romance

Last Saturday night, I literally sat beside my aunt's "antique" radio and listened to classics that made me feel absolutely good inside. Almost everything now is done by a click or a tap. That's why it became such a treat to turn the knob so many times in order for me to find songs I like. 

The good old days...

the captain

Yesterday was the official start of the 2019 Sea Games and the opening ceremony was awe-inspiring. But the biggest take-away I got from Twit...